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HVPSU High Voltage Power Supply Units

HVPSU (LLC Torsion Plus) designs and manufactures of high power programmable AC to DC, DC to DC, High Voltage Capacitor Charging and DC power supplies to provide scientific laboratories, technical institutes, universities and industry. With accumulated experience in the development and use of new resonance technologies HVPSU offers high performance and high reliability are achieved for our onboard type, module type, bench top and rack mount power supplies. The full protective circuits, such as output short-circuit and protection from arc discharge, are included as the standard functions. Compatible with digital control by means of various interfaces. Our standard high voltage power supplies ranges from 300 W up to 200 KW in power and from 500 V up to 150 KV in voltage.

Possible applications :

Ion beam

Electron beam

X-ray tube

Capacitor charging

Ion implantation

Insulator testing

All kinds of High-Voltage testing

E-mail: contact@highvoltage.org.ua